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Resources for Educators

As the front-line mentors of students on a daily basis, and as the shapers of the environment where one-fifth of the U.S. population is found on a given school day, educators play a critical role in enhancing the mental health of students and thereby enhancing their academic success.  Educators can play important roles through optimizing classroom management strategies, identifying students with mental health issues and making appropriate referrals, collaborating with clinicians, playing active roles in school-wide initiatives to enhance the school climate, accessing tailored resources for youth with mental health issues, and so much more.

The resources below are by no means exhaustive, but we have attempted to provide some of the highest-quality materials available for public dissemination.  Many of these resources are based on research demonstrating their effectiveness, and many of the resources reflect lessons learned from local, state, and national inititiatives related to school mental health.

Anger Management

Behavior/Classroom Management


Child Welfare / Social Services

Clinical Disorders and Other Psychological Issues

Culturally Sensitive Care

Family Engagement and Collaboration

Fostering Healthy Transitions

Funding Strategies

Mental Health Awareness and Identification


New School Year Strategies

Special Education

School Climate

Tobacco/Substance Use and Abuse

Violence Prevention


Additional Topics

If, after reviewing the materials above, you still need technical assistance or would like to make a request/suggestion for additional resources, please complete the comment form.  You also may find an answer to your inquiry by checking out our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). 

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